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Consult a good wrongful death Lawyer in Los Angeles

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Families have great difficulty in coping with the death of one of the family members. This traumatic experience does have a significant impact on the well being of the family. It is of the utmost importance that you do get legal advice from a qualified person that is experienced in this area. Due to the laws that exist, a layman might not be aware of some of the intricacies and you might come out of this situation in a worse situation that before the event therefore it is important o consult with a lawyer. Some of the common instances that occur in Los Angeles that might lead to a wrongful death include automobile accidents, motorcycle accident and/or surgical negligence.

The importance of consulting with a wrongful death lawyer in Los Angeles.

You should look for an experienced lawyer who has handled hundreds of claims arising from wrongful death. Some of the cases a good lawyer should have experience in is: Automotive, Motorcycles, Hospital, Medical deaths, even arising from surgical procedures.

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When presenting a claim, a lawyer needs to approach it from different aspects and look at separate claims on behalf of the family:

Pecuniary loss (the economic impact)

personal injury lawyer san diegoWhat amount of money has the family lost because the victim is not there to support them? This relates to loss of future economic support that the family would have received from the victim if the person would have lived. Factors that impact the amount of  what will be claimed are: What job they had, What career prospects the victim had, where the individual worked.

Also it is important to take into consideration  factors that will impact the size of the claim: are there are clear defined earnings related to the victims current job/income, where the individual worked, what position the victim had and the potential of growth if income (career advancement). This will form part of the family’s claim that will be presented in a court of law. Pecuniary loss will take into consideration your children’s education, your spouses retirement and their current quality of life and how they will need to be sustained in future.


Conscious Pain and Suffering of the victim

surgical malpractice lawyer in los angelesThis relates to any pain that the victim experienced leading up to the death – you can recover substantial amounts even for a small amount of time that the victim suffered. This needs to be proven either through medical records and evidence or eye witness accounts. Finding witnesses and obtaining medical records will be one of the primary actions to be taken by your attorney. If possible, speaking to the medical personnel that treated the victim prior to death to obtain more information will be beneficial to your case. To strengthen the case, it will be necessary to gather as many sources of information as possible because it will be impossible to get the information from the best source – the victim.

An autopsy will provide valuable information – the autopsy is conducted by a pathologists who will do a thorough examination of the deceased and combine that with the information from the lab work to have a clear understanding of the cause of death. The fact and circumstances will then indicate whether somebody was negligent and caused the victims death. There needs to clarity on the facts that caused the person’s death. An autopsy will strengthen your case if all the information shows that there was wrongdoing and/or negligence. The need for an autopsy will depend on the lead up to a person’s death as there is the possibility that an autopsy will show there was no negligence.

Loss of guidance

Traumatic Brain Injury LawyerThe children left behind in the case of death are able to claim for this as it relates to the love and support but mostly the guidance that a parent would be able to provide. This relates to the life guidance a parent would be able to give a child, all the normal things that parents provide during the formative years of a child. Not only small children, but in some cases also grown up children who have left the house and care of their parents are able to claim. The reason is that any loss of a parent irrespective of the age of the child or children, is devastating to the children left behind.

Most parents even up to their old age, are able to provide love, care and guidance to their children and that is a component of putting in a claim for loss of guidance. Many times during a claim, this very important aspect is not taken into consideration when making the claim.
The emotional pain or sense of loss can be crippling to anybody at any age, therefore when a lawyer puts your claim together this will be included as part of the claim.



Contact us so that we may help you in getting the support of a lawyer that have helped hundreds of people from Los Angeles over the years in handling their claims and related to personal injury and medical or surgical malpractice claims.

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You may be entitled to compensation but you need to know your rights in order to get the full benefit of your claim.

You might have concerns and questions that you would like answered that relate to your matter, therefore the best option is to pick up the phone and make contact with us as there are many questions that are asked everyday that related to wrongful death and our professionals handle calls like this everyday.

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 In case of an accidental death of a loved one during surgery, it is important to contact a Surgical Malpractice Lawyer in Los Angeles immediately. Most insurance companies are big corporations and are insensitive to your needs and might be aware that a family that has been affected by this traumatic experience are undergoing a grieving phase. When the family eventually come out of the grieving period, a lot of the facts surrounding the accident might have become blurred.
Witnesses might not be clear on the facts surrounding the accidents, the accident scene might have changed during this time and paperwork might have been misplaced.

An attorney’s office might be able to look at the situation in a clear and professional manner and not be impacted by the emotional pain and suffering. Depending on the geographical area, there might be different laws that apply to your case, therefore the advice of a qualified legal person will be very important in having your claim settled to your benefit.